New Greenhouse Pest Management Tools From OHP, BASF, and Nufarm

BASF insect management

Image credit: BASF

Three crop protection companies are now offering new products that ornamental growers can add to their pest management arsenal.


OHP Introduces Kalmor Fungicide/Bactericide

OHP has added Kalmor Fungicide/Bactericide to its line of biosolutions for ornamental growers.

Available through authorized OHP distributors, Kalmor is an Organic Materials Review Institute-listed, copper hydroxide-based fungicide that is labeled for use on a range of vegetables and herbs grown in greenhouses, shadehouses, and nurseries, for control of many problematic fungal and bacterial diseases.

Available in a dry flowable formulation, Kalmor is labeled for control of alternaria, bacterial leaf spot, botrytis, cercospora leaf spot, downy mildews, fire blight, needlecasts, pseudomonas leaf spot, xanthomonas leaf spot, and other diseases.

“Kalmor is a high-quality formulation with smaller particles than other copper-based products,” says OHP Manager Technical Services Dr. Carlos Bográn. “The smaller the particle, the more copper ions there are in solution which means you need less product to do the same job. Less copper is better for the environment as well.”

Kalmor is effective against resistant strains of certain diseases, making it an ideal choice in an IPM program, Bográn says.

As with any copper-based products, users should check compatibility with other products before tank mixing. Also note that Kalmor should not be tank-mixed with OHP’s Areca Fungicide or other aluminum-based products.

New BASF Insecticide Combats Several Pests

BASF’s newest insecticide for the ornamentals market, Ventigra, is a resistance management tool for nursery and greenhouse growers, providing precision-targeted pest management of piercing-sucking insects like whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs, and scales.

“Today’s growers face increasing pest pressures as well as widespread insecticide resistance from overuse of current products,” says Dave Poling, U.S. Marketing Manager, Professional & Specialty Solutions, BASF. “Ventigra insecticide is a precise, powerful and progressive pest management solution that helps growers maintain sustainable practices and produce high-quality plants.”

Ventigra’s chemistry and formulation work by moving through the leaf to control pests that live and feed on the underside of leaves. Its fast onset of action causes insect feeding to quickly stop, limiting the spread of plant damage and transmission of viral pathogens, while also delivering long residual control. In addition, Ventigra works alongside beneficial insect populations like pollinators and predatory mites in grower operations and is not expected to have long-term impacts on bee populations, including colony health and development.

“Ventigra insecticide provides quick knock-down of aphid and whitefly populations,” says JC Chong, Extension Specialist, Turf and Ornamentals Entomology at Clemson University. “When applied at the label rates, it significantly reduced the numbers of aphids and whitefly nymphs within three days of application — providing at least 28 days of control for both pests.”

Nufarm Americas’ Safari Receives Supplemental Label for Spotted Lanternfly Control in New York

Nufarm Americas’ Safari 20 SG Insecticide recently received a 24(c) label for control of spotted lanternfly in New York. This follows 2ee label approval to control spotted lanternfly in 15 other states.

The spotted lanternfly is an invasive plant-hopper quickly invading, and now spreading in, the northeastern U.S. The pest impacts more than 70 host plants and, if infested, would result in significant damage and loss to nursery operations.

Safari 20 SG supplemental labels are approved for use in containerized and field grown (in-ground) ornamental plants in nurseries, outdoor landscapes, tree plantations, and reforestation nurseries. It includes national, private, and state forests and wooded areas. The label provides application alternatives that include foliar spray, media drench, soil drench, or basal trunk spray.

Safari is a super-systemic insecticide with quick uptake and knockdown of tree, shrub, and herbaceous ornamental pests. It controls a broad spectrum of invasive pests including Q- and B-biotype whiteflies, emerald ash borers, mealybugs, leafhoppers, leafminers, and armored and soft scales — and now both nymph- and adult-stage spotted lanternflies.