Fine Americas, Inc. Expands Its Piccolo Label In Canada

Fine Americas, Inc. Expands Its Piccolo Label In Canada

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Fine Americas, Inc. announced a label expansion of its Piccolo plant growth regulator (PGR) in Canada on February 20, 2012. The product now can be applied in Canadian greenhouses for height and radius control in poinsettias and pot chrysanthemums.


“This is fantastic news for greenhouse ornamental growers throughout Canada,”stated Greg Johnson, president of Fine Americas. “Piccolo has proven to be one of the most trusted PGRs on the market today. And now, Canadian poinsettia and pot mum growers can reap the documented economic benefits of this cost-effective growth regulator.”

Kevin Forney, technical services manager for Fine Americas, noted that Piccolo features the active ingredient paclobutrazol.

“Previously, Piccolo applications in Canada were limited to container grown bedding plants and plugs. Now, Canadian growers can obtain the same outstanding growth control in their poinsettias and pot chrysanthemums.”

Forney added that the PGR can be applied as a spray or drench. By reducing internode elongation, the product helps ornamental growers produce compact, consistent-quality plants. And, when used as directed, there is no risk of phytotoxicity.

Available in 1-liter bottles and 10-liter plastic jugs, Piccolo is manufactured under strict

ISO-9001:2008 quality control standards. N.M. Bartlett of Beamsville, ON serves as the Canadian distributor of Piccolo and other PGRs from Fine Americas.

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