Infusion Technology Boosts Seed Performance, Study Suggests

Infusion Technology Boosts Seed Performance, Study SuggestsTen- to 15-year-old flower and vegetable seeds that germinate as well as the day they rolled off the production line may become a reality in the future, all thanks to quantum physics.

W.C. Levengood, of Pinelandia Biophysics Lab in Michigan, has concluded that infusion technology involving lithium phantom atoms considerably increases the vitality of dormant, seven-year-old wheat seeds by as much as 83 percent. Results of the nine-day Vital Force Technology study show that water enhanced with lithium phantom atoms improved seed germination, initiated stronger roots and produced hardier seedlings, increasing plant development by nearly 77 percent.


It’s no secret that seed viability often goes down as seed age goes up. A plant embryo can only survive for so long on the nutrients housed in its seed casing before it shrivels and dies. Millions of seeds are destroyed every year as a result of lost viability, and it makes long-term storage a challenge.

The study, which is part of a greater research focus to determine the correlation between the energetic imprint of periodic table elements and plant health, could potentially have beneficial ramifications for the horticulture industry down the road in the form of resilient seed germination and plant longevity. And the benefits may not be limited to seeds.

Additional studies in the same lab on pinto bean seedlings showed energy-infused water increased plant height, with 75 percent of seedlings in the study growing close to 30 centimeters (approximately 12 inches) in just seven days.

This type of technology has been around for a while, but its worth keeping an eye on for future developments.

The full germination study is housed on the Vital Force Technology website, where you can also find out more about other studies conducted throughout various industries.