Irrigation In The Greenhouse: How To Water Wisely

How Plants Take Up Water
Find out exactly how plants take up water from substrates and which factors affect water uptake most.

Hand Watering, Booms, Sprinklers Or Drip?
Find out if your existing irrigation system is the most efficient one or if you could be watering more wisely.


Subirrigation: Watering From The Ground Up
Sub-irrigation systems like capillary mats, floor and drain trays, troughs or benches and flood floors can offer a better alternative to top-down watering methods.

Hydroponics Give Growers Control
Researchers explain why soilless watering systems result in higher crop yields than their soil-based counterparts.

Save Water With Automation And Sensors
New irrigation technology makes watering plants easier than ever. Take these steps to incorporate sensors into your operation.

Capillary Mats Are Back
This water-saving irrigation method lost popularity among greenhouse growers when other subirrigation methods stole the limelight. Now, in the era of sustainability, these mats may have a place in your greenhouse again.

Manage pH And Soluble Salts In Hydroponics
Going from greenhouse container production to hydroponics requires additional vigilance. Two researchers give tips to ensure your success.

Using Pond-Wetland Systems To Treat Greenhouse Runoff
Fertilizer may be great for plants, but it’s not as beneficial to the environment. Use these tips to reduce runoff and protect the surrounding wildlife.

Precision Nutrient Management
Willoway Nursery tests a system that provides precise, customizable control of plant nutrition.