More On Freeze-Pruf

More On Freeze-Pruf

FreezePruf is a revolutionary new frost and freeze protector, like antifreeze for plants, that’s available from The Liquid Fence Company. The product is for commercial growers, nurseries and home gardeners.

“FreezePruf has the unique ability to reduce both the freezing point of water inside plant tissues and ice crystal damage when ice does form, thus enhancing a plant’s natural ability to survive cold temperatures,” says Dr. David Francko, a botanist at the University of Alabama and lead developer of FreezePruf. “Plants can be frozen solid and still be viable.”


FreezePruf is a biodegradable frost/freeze protector spray that improves a plant’s cold tolerance up to 9°F depending on the plant. Its unique formulation and mode of action adds a half-USDA Zone equivalent or more to the cold tolerance range of all major ornamentals and crops. So, a plant that’s hardy to the low-to-mid teens Fahrenheit (Zone 8a) can be grown with little or no damage in Zone 7b. 

Developed by researchers at the University of Alabama and Miami University in Ohio, FreezePruf is a water-based, non-toxic spray that has been successfully tested on a wide variety of plants like bananas, palms, tropical foliage and flowering plants, vegetable and fruit crops.

Since FreezePruf extends the growing season, manufacturers recommend it for perennials and vegetable plants. The protection is guaranteed, and it lasts up to six weeks.

FreezePruf is available in quart and gallon containers.