Suntory Flowers Releases Its New Grower’s Guide App

Suntory Flowers Releases Its New Grower’s Guide App

Suntory Collection Grower's Guide AppJust in time for spring production, Suntory Flowers introduces the Grower’s Guide app – the first greenhouse production app developed by a flower breeder. Designed for iPad tablets, the fully integrated tool provides complete cultural information for the entire Suntory catalog of varieties.

With the portable and user-friendly app, growers can sort crops by temperature, light and fertility requirements and view crop times at a glance. In-depth cultural information is provided for each crop. It’s easy to see how many plants per pot are recommended for 4-inch and 6-inch pots and hanging baskets, along with number of weeks to finish. Growers can customize their Grower’s Guide by selecting the varieties they plan to grow and sell. Award ribbons indicate which varieties have been recognized for landscape performance at leading university trials.


Once the Grower’s Guide app is downloaded, all of this vital information is available without access to the internet. But even more is readily accessible with a Wi-Fi connection, including a full library of videos and links to all of Suntory’s digital YESS! (Your Easy Suntory Solution) tools.

The YESS! toolkit includes: programs to create bench cards and posters, a complete photo library, video channels and mobile sites. Engaging apps for consumers include the Virtual Combo Designer – a tool that also helps growers plant combinations.

“We created the Grower’s Guide app envisioning the ultimate dream tool to help growers be successful producing Suntory varieties,” says Delilah Onofrey, who supports Suntory Flowers’ marketing efforts in North America through Flower Power Marketing. “This app also will be a great tool for broker sales representatives who are advising growers out in the field. When growers have production questions, the answers will be right there at their fingertips.”

Suntory’s Grower’s Guide app can be downloaded for free in Apple’s iTunes store, listed as The Suntory Collection.

Visit the Suntory Collection website for more about Suntory varieties and YESS! digital resources.