Tips on Choosing the Right pH/EC Meter for Your Greenhouse

Fertilizer Injectors pH/EC meters

In-line pH and EC meters measure the nutrient level and acidity-basicity, and trigger injectors to add fertilizer and acid/base as needed.

pH/EC meters can be used for several purposes, including checking the quality of irrigation water, calibrating fertilizer and acid injectors, and measuring nutrients and availability for plant uptake in applied fertilizer solutions and the root zone. Several types of pH/EC meters are available, and vary in size, cost, and how they are used in horticultural practice.


In a recent e-Gro alert post, Ryan Dickson, a specialist in Greenhouse and Hydroponic Systems at the University of Arkansas, says tit is important for growers to choose a meter that best meets the measurement needs of their operation. In the alert, Dickson highlights the basics of pH/EC meters and how they are used, as well as the most common types of meters.

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