University of Connecticut Hosting Greenhouse Biocontrols Conference

Biocontrols in a GreenhouseUniversity of Connecticut Extension is sponsoring a one-day Greenhouse Biological Control Conference that will be held on Wednesday, June 19, at the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station in New Haven, CT.

Speakers featured during the educational program include:
• Ron Valentin of Bioworks, who will be speaking on “Strategies for Success with Biological Controls: Planning and Forecasting”
• Suzanne Wainwright Evans of Buglady Consulting, who will be speaking on “Proper Identification of Aphids, Thrips, and Other Troublesome Pests, and Grower Case Studies”
• Steven Arthurs of BioBee USA, who will be speaking on “Supplemental Foods and their Applications”
• Chris Schlegel, Head Grower at DS Cole Growers in Louden, NH, who will be speaking on “Biological Controls at DS Cole”


Five pesticide recertification credits will be offered during the event. To register, email Leanne Pundt or call 860-626-6855. The complete educational program is available here.