Conley’s Helps Fall Creek Farm And Nursery Increase Blueberry Production

Conley’s Helps Fall Creek Farm And Nursery Increase Blueberry Production

Fall Creek Farm and Nursery Expansion

The first phase of Fall Creek Farm and Nursery’s expansion project, completed in 2013, was the installation of a 14-house range of Conley’s Gable Series 7500 greenhouses. The second phase began in 2014 and will add 57,000 square feet of production space.

The relationship between Conley’s and Fall Creek Farm and Nursery began with 74,000 square feet of Conley’s Arch Series 6500 buildings. It continued on with 10,000 square feet of Conley’s Ranger Series 2000 greenhouses and 51,000 square feet of Conley’s bench systems.


In order to meet its customer’s increasing demands of domestic blueberry production in the United States, Fall Creek needed much more indoor growing space. The company selected Conley’s once again for its most recent expansion project of the Conley’s Gable Series 7500 in a two-phase project. The first 14-greenhouse range sold by Conley’s long-time distributor Horticulture Services, measures 170,000 square feet in size and finished construction in 2013.

“We designed this 170,000 square foot building with Conley’s and 170 days later it was completed and plants were moved in,” says Scott Cully, general manager at Fall Creek Farm and Nursery.

Conley’s worked with Fall Creek for the second phase of the project, an additional 157,000 square feet of greenhouses, which began in 2014. Construction of phase two is just about wrapped up and will be ready for plants real soon.