Diffuse Light Results In 25 Percent Growth Rate Increase, Wageningen UR Study Shows

Diffuse Light Results In 25 Percent Growth Rate Increase, Wageningen UR Study Shows

Netherlands’ Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture Study shows using diffuse light  results in 25 percent growth rate increaseIn recent trials at the Netherlands’ Wageningen UR (WUR) Greenhouse Horticulture, researchers found that producing potted plants under a light-diffusing screen shortens the production time by 25 percent and results in better-quality plants. Anthurium plants produced in light-diffused greenhouses equipped with Svensson’s Harmony screens were ready for sale at 16 weeks compared to the normal 22 weeks, says Leo Marcelis, lead researcher of the WUR. Plants were also notably better quality. The trials also included bromeliad varieties, with finished products ready two to four weeks early.

Researchers structured trials with anthuriums and bromeliads in separated greenhouses, each about 150 m² (1,615 square feet). The two greenhouses with Harmony light diffused screens had light treatments of 10 mol PAR/m² per day and 7.5 mol PAR/m² per day. Each was equipped with Svensson energy curtains, and misting systems provided relatively high humidity levels.


While anthuriums are typically ready for sale at 22 weeks, the potted plants in the diffused-light greenhouses were ready at 16 weeks. In addition, quality was significantly improved, with plants in the 10 mol greenhouse 25 percent heavier than typical. Production of the bromeliad varieties guzmania and vriesea were sped up, with plants ready up to a month earlier than normal.

“The results are clear: Allowing more light and applying the light-diffusing Harmony shading screen, together with an adapted climate strategy, results in 25 percent growth speedup and a higher quality of potted plants,” says Paul Arkesteijn, climate performance analyst of AB Ludvig Svensson.

For more information on this study, read the full Svensson article on the research or call 704-357-0457.