Embracing Energy Efficiency

Embracing Energy Efficiency

Embracing Energy Efficiency

For many years, greenhouse owners have stared at their gas-fired unit heaters and watched dollar after dollar escape their vents due to inefficiency. Thanks to the Effinity93 from Modine, owners can now embrace a more energy- and cost-efficient greenhouse solution.


The Effinity93 is an efficient gas-fired, condensing unit heater that comes in six models–from 135,000 BTU/hr to 310,000 BTU/hr–all operating at 93 percent efficiency. The 93 percent efficiency rating is a dramatic step forward compared to traditional 78 percent seasonally efficient power-vented unit heaters–and even more so versus 65 percent seasonally efficient gravity-vented unit heaters.

So how does that translate into savings for a greenhouse? While savings vary depending on location, in many cases across North America just one Effinity93 heater can save more than $1,000 a year in energy costs. And when you take into consideration the actual number of units required to heat a greenhouse, it isn’t difficult to imagine the significant positive impact this unit can have on a greenhouse’s bottom line.

The Effinity93 is also a champion from an environmental standpoint as every heater produces 16 percent less carbon dioxide than power-vented unit heaters and 32 percent less than gravity-vented heaters. To put that in perspective, in most regions of the United States, replacing a 78 percent efficient heater with an Effinity93 nets the same effect as planting more than 100 trees.

Even with the advantages, today’s economic realities have made it understandably difficult for some greenhouses to find the necessary financing to make the upgrade to more efficient heaters. To reinforce the importance of adopting higher standards for energy efficiency, the federal government and state agencies are doing their part to offset some of these costs.

In Wisconsin, for instance, a rebate has been created specifically to benefit users of condensing unit heaters with an efficiency level of more than 90 percent. Instead of the $100-per-heater rebate for unit heaters operating at 80 percent higher efficient, Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy awards $2.50 for every 1,000 BTU/hr input, giving greenhouses an additional $337.50 to $775 in rebates for every unit. This not only saves greenhouse operations money, but it hastens the payback period.

Although the Effinity93 is the newest product introduced by Modine to the greenhouse market, the company has many additional heating products available. The key to Modine’s success is understanding there are many ways to heat a greenhouse. Depending on the requirements for each specific application, some methods will work better than others.

Whether you are looking for gas-fired unit heaters with an efficiency rating of 93 percent or 80 percent, a low-intensity or high-intensity infrared heater, a duct furnace or a hydronic unit heater, Modine has a solution to cover your unique needs.

For more information on Modine’s greenhouse heating products and to find out where you can purchase them, go to ModineHVAC.com/greenhouse or call 1-800-828-HEAT.