Growing’s Cooler Side

Growing’s Cooler Side

Growing's Cooler Side

American Coolair Corp.
The Type AL Aluminum Fan was designed to stop concerns about red dust in the damp atmosphere of greenhouses. The Type AL fan has a spun orifice, stamped aluminum blades bolted on a cast aluminum disc and Coolair’s same exclusive drive assembly. Power is applied through V-belts directly to the propeller with blade load concentrated directly over the bearings to eliminate overhang bearing load.


Coolerado Corporation
The Coolerado C60 boasts easy maintenance, low water use and no chemical refrigerants thanks to its new, patented thermodynamic cycle. An integrated electrical panel and control system, along with tool-less air filter access, makes this air conditioner user-friendly. Also, the C60’s cooling capacity increases as the temperature increases.

Ludvig Svensson, Inc.
The latest products in the Harmony series feature a closed-structure design that integrates Svensson’s proprietary white strips to go beyond cooling. The white strips offer high-grade light diffusion, which allows for greater light delivery into the canopy. The results: excellent cooling, improved plant quality and even shortened production time.

Wadsworth Controls
The 4-stage control brings you four stages for cooling or heating and separate set points for day and night. All four stages respond to a single, centralized temperature sensor, so there’s no chance of heating and cooling at the same time, unlike conventional thermostats. Plus, you can quickly and easily view a summary of all your settings on the backlight LCD screen.