More Choices, More Solutions

More Choices, More Solutions

More Choices, More Solutions


Summit Plastic Company continues to grow its JanorPot product line by including a low-profile 19-cm XL mum pot. This pot, as well as the rest of the line, is duo layered. The interior is black recycled material that provides an ideal environment for strong root development. The exterior layer is one of the standard colors (black, terracotta, white, green and gray) or a specific custom color (minimums required). An added feature is the punched dual-level drainage system designed for optimum water and aeration exchange for quicker rooting, which maximizes the plants’ growth potential. 

Branding And Labeling

Being aware of growers’ needs, Summit Plastic has designed this pot along with a low-profile fill tray specifically for the mum market. This system includes the low-profile pot (7.5-inch by 5-inch and volume of 2.63 quarts) and fill tray (1 by 3 configuration with an outside dimension of 5 ¾-inches by 22 1⁄8-inches), which cubes most shipping cart profiles and enhances shipping space. Other advantages of the low-profile tray are the ability to view the branding and labeling on the pots while they’re seated in the tray and the ability to effectively and efficiently run through flat filler machines.

Added value options offered on the new 19-cm XL pot are the same as with the entire JanorPot line of printing and labeling. Summit Plastic offers assistance in the design of a simple UPC code, up to a six-color print for a single order or a complete merchandising program. Printing directly on the pot reduces the need for stick tags or adhesive labels and also provides a tamper-resistant container at retail. For those growers that prefer a label, containers may be purchased with pre-applied, pressure-sensitive adhesive labels that are plastic-coated and designed to resist moisture and weathering. The labels are generated to the growers’ specifications with any or all of the following included: plant variety, UPC, grown by information and volumes. 

Packaging Options

A variety of packaging options are available for the 19-cm XL pot system. The pots are packaged 300 per carton with 18 cartons per skid or in bulk at 8,640 per skid. The matching fill tray is packaged 100 per carton with 36 cartons per skid or in 3,600 bulk packaging. Other than orders for individual cartons, full skids of cartons and bulk packaging are palletized and plastic wrapped for quick, clean transfer and storage.

For further information on Summit Plastic Company’s entire line, which also includes inserts, flats, packs, root tutors, square potting systems and more, visit