Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

According to Matt Stuppy, president of Stuppy Manufacturing, “The Stuppy team designs System 2000 Classic greenhouses to the grower’s needs. It is critical to integrate systems and equipment that are appropriate to the location, growing method and plant type.”


Built strong, the System 2000 is proven to withstand harsh wind and snow conditions. Gatorshield tubing provides a dependable frame for the structure with a long life expectancy. Growers can choose from twin-wall polycarbonate, corrugated polycarbonate, twin-wall acrylic or corrugated metal for the roof and sidewalls. When attached using the Stuppy glazing system, a reliable inside environment keeps plants safe. In addition, the Stuppy System 2000 aluminum gutter system allows growers to add structures as their operations grow.

“Our engineers understand that climate demands vary across the nation. That’s why it’s so necessary to work with our customers to design a greenhouse structure that meets their local weather conditions, building codes and grower demands,” Stuppy says.

Inside the structure, growers have the opportunity to utilize virtually every area of the greenhouse. Taller sidewall heights and designed/engineered trusses provide the ideal environment for hanging baskets. The Stuppy Mor-Space benching system can be added to create ideal working areas for large production growers, plant propagators and retailers. These structures can be fitted with automated shade systems and automated hanging basket systems to optimize the complete growing area.


•Â  Constructed to provide superior strength and durability.

•Â  Built with tall sidewalls, increasing openness.

•Â  Connects structures easily using Stuppy aluminum gutters.

•Â  Versatile design that can adapt to architectural requirements.

In addition to space efficiency, the System 2000 Classic is also designed to minimize energy costs. Growers can add single- or double-roof vents to utilize natural ventilation. Acrylic glazing options can boost the growing environment, promoting growth and bloom color. Various heating and cooling systems can be installed to help growers maintain climate control.

From roof material to sidewall height to ventilation options, the System 2000 Classic–and any other Stuppy greenhouse–can be customized to meet the needs of virtually any retailer, grower, educator and institution. “Everyone at Stuppy is dedicated to providing the best greenhouse environments to growers. Our experienced sales team, innovative greenhouse designers and modern manufacturing plant work each day to provide successful projects to our customers,” says Stuppy.

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