Sub-Irrigation Delta T Style

Sub-Irrigation Delta T Style

Delta T now offers complete flood floor systems and bench packages tailored to your greenhouses. Systems are custom design and include pumping, filtration, valves, controls, installation, pipes and valves and supervision.

Some of the benefits of a Delta T sub-irrigation system are:


–It works with many crops;
–Quick fill and drain lessens watering time and minimizes the risk of disease transfer;
–No runoff means no pollution;
–Water and fertilizer are not wasted;
–Disease is reduced due to dry foliage;
–Open design facilitates growing space for enhanced flexibility and rapid crop rotation;
–Highly reliable, requiring little maintenance;
–Promotes good sanitation;
–Hand watering is virtually unnecessary;
–Excellent payback in quality of crops, ease of operation, lessened maintenance, and environmental compliance

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