Harvest Automation Introduces Robot Rental Program

Harvest Automation Introduces Robot Rental Program

harvest automation featured imageHarvest Automation has unveiled a new introductory robot rental program as a way for customers to get started with HV-100 robots.

The robot rental program allows new customers access to four robots for three months for $15,000. The rental terms will be offered for a limited time.


If growers choose to purchase rental robots, Harvest Automation will credit 100 percent of the rental fee to the price of purchase.

According to Harvest Automation, some of the benefits of using the robots include:
• Low cost per plant move
• 5 to 15 percent more plants on a bed
• Faster crop turnover
• Less pruning and rework
• Reduced water, fertilizer and chemical use
• Reduction in Workers Compensation Insurance premiums
• Improved worker health and safety
• Lower employee turnover
• Lower exposure to labor and health care law changes
• Higher plant quality
• More predictable production schedules

For more information about the robots, the company’s free robot work offer, flexible rental and financing options, or to schedule an on-site demo, contact Greg Timbol at 978-528-4450 or [email protected]

For more information about Harvest Automation and the HV-100, visit Harvest Automation’s website.

Source: Harvest Automation