LumiGrow Shines Light on Ornamentals in New Grower Guide

LumiGrow LED Grower Guide for OrnamentalsLumiGrow Inc., a horticultural lighting company, recently released its new LED Growers’ Guide for Ornamentals. The guide was developed to instruct ornamental crop growers on how to use LED lighting strategies to maximize profits, boost yields, increase crop quality, and elicit desired plant characteristics for a more marketable crop.

Those that download the guide will learn:
• Lighting requirements for ornamentals by growth stage
• How light intensity, quality, and photoperiod can be used to direct crop growth and morphology
• How light can be optimized across plant growth stages
• What leading researchers are learning about light’s interaction with ornamentals


The LED Growers’ Guide for Ornamentals gives lighting recommendations for growers looking to get more out of their horticultural lighting system. LumiGrow’s research team makes recommendations within the guide based on prior partnerships, professional horticultural resources, and leading scholastic research, using light to direct plant growth and meet strict market guidelines for the ornamental industry.

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