Monitoring Greenhouse Energy Effectively

Monitoring Greenhouse Energy Effectively

Monitoring Greenhouse Energy Effectively

The iGrow 400/800 series of controllers from Link 4 Corporation is designed specifically for easy transition in existing greenhouses using thermostats or early-generation controllers, while providing advanced control capabilities and affordability.


The unique energy-use monitoring system gives growers real data on energy used by individual pieces of equipment for heating and cooling systems, showing energy cost savings and return on investment (ROI) for the controller. This is something thermostats or other controllers cannot do. Once a grower reaches his or her ROI with the controller, it will continue to show energy cost savings going forward.

While traditional thermostats have often been used by growers to provide simple temperature control only, the iGrow 400/800 controllers offer a more advanced control over a wider range of equipment, such as:

– Exhaust fans
–Pad Pumps
–Pad Louvers
–HAF Fans
–Fan Jets
–Unit Heaters
–Perimeter Heating Systems
–Vents & Curtains
–Other Equipment

Each piece of equipment’s complete operating history is recorded for easy transfer to the grower’s computer by USB drive, network or remote access via computer or cell phone.

When growers are away from the greenhouses, they can access operating data remotely from computer or cell phone, see system operation conditions and make adjustments immediately. iGrow 400/800 controllers can control four (400 Model) or eight (800 Model) individual pieces of equipment or system elements, with easy reconfiguring via programming, rather than wiring. Both models feature an easy-to-use, intuitive touch interface for simple operation.

“This is the only advanced controller on the market at this price point with energy tracking capabilities,” says Yen Pham, Link4 President. “Finally, there is a system that actually shows the grower his ROI.”

Link4 will be demonstrating how the system works remotely with the use of a cell phone at its booth during the OFA Short Course, July 10-14, in Columbus, Ohio. The demonstration will feature a miniature greenhouse, controller system and use of a cell phone to show how simple it is to access operating information off-site.

“We want to show visitors how easy it is to operate and to access data remotely,” says Dan Thompson, vice president and marketing director for Link4.

Link4 will be showing the iGrow 400/800 Controllers at the OFA Short Course in Booth 1505. For more information on the new controllers, visit