Tips on Adding Heat to Your Greenhouse for the Winter

Adding-Heat-to-a-Greenhouse-GrowSpanHeating your greenhouse for those winter months when frost is a major risk can help maximize the potential for improved production. According to an article from Growers Supply, which manufactures GrowSpan growing structures, adding a heating system is much more affordable than it seems, and choosing efficient equipment and designs can help growers get returns on their heating investments quickly.

While designing a greenhouse with a heating system helps avoid refurbishing a structure later on, adding heat to an already existing greenhouse is not a difficult task, and there are a range of heating options within any budget and scale of operation. Properly calculating heating needs and choosing efficient products are two ways any operation can make a seamless transition into full-time growing.


One thing you may want to consider is how many degrees your system will have to rise in temperature during the coldest parts of the year. If the coldest it gets in your region is around zero degrees Fahrenheit, and you’d like your greenhouse to be at least 50 degrees warmer at all times, your temperature rise would be 50°F. Performing accurate calculations is one of the ways to ensure accuracy in a heating system, and calculations can be done by using one of the many online calculators.

For more tips on calculating the area that is being heated to make sure the system you are adding is sufficient, and for a look at energy-efficient options on the market today that can help create a more affordable system with a lower environmental footprint, check out the full article.