Webinar Highlights Greenhouse Humidity Control Strategies

Humidity Control

One of the major focuses of the Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering (GLASE) consortium is education. Part of this educational effort is a series of webinars GLASE is coordinating.


On Sept. 26, GLASE is hosting “Humidity Control in Greenhouse and Other Indoor Plant Environments.” In this webinar, In this webinar, Dr. Nadia Sabeh, the president and founder of Dr. Greenhouse, will talk about how to transition from indoor to greenhouses, how to select your dehumidification system, the impact of plants on dehumidification, and how relative humidity control impacts disease and pest control.

GLASE also recently hosted another webinar on Sept. 18 that is now available for on-demand viewing. During this webinar, Jonny Reader, Research Associate at the University of Nottingham and design engineer at V-Farm talked about the current fruit and vegetable market in the United Kingdom and insecurities surrounding Brexit. In view of the current European market situation, there is an increasing opportunity for vertical farms to fil local vegetable demand. Watch the full webinar, and find more educational resources, at glase.org.