Webinar to Tackle Climate Control in the Greenhouses

Hoogendoorn and Svensson Connected Screening - feature

Hoogendoorn, an international company that offers horticulture automation solutions, is presenting a webinar on Feb. 14 on advanced process control in greenhouses.


The webinar will offer tips on improving climate control in the greenhouse, including:
• The difference between common control mechanisms and more advanced control mechanisms
• Why pre-control is essential for a steady greenhouse climate
• The importance of sensors, both inside and outside the greenhouse, and how to use them
• The impact of sensor quality on the quality of the greenhouse climate
• Guidelines for sensor installation and maintenance to guarantee optimal control.

The webinar (sign up here) will be presented by consultant René Beerkens and researcher Jan Voogt (be sure to note the time the webinar takes place depending on location). Registration closes on Feb. 12, and the number of participants is limited. For more information, contact René Beerkens.