Ball Horticultural, Syngenta Flowers Forge Separate International Distribution Partnerships

Syngenta flowers and Lazzeri PoinsettiasTwo leading plant breeders have recently announced international partnerships that will expand the companies’ offerings and provide more product assortment.

Ball Horticultural Company is partnering with AGA Agro, a breeder, producer, and distributor of garland marigolds across South and Southeast Asia, as well as a distributor of ornamental and cut flower seeds and plugs across the region. The partnership will provide AGA access to the vast floriculture offering of Ball, and will lead to the expansion of its product assortment, including entry into new product categories such as indoor flowering plants and vegetative flower varieties.


In addition, the partnership will result in rapid development of new garland marigold genetics for the region by combining AGA’s existing breeding with Ball’s ability to apply advanced breeding technology to this important product category.

“AGA is a young company that has grown rapidly with garland marigold, ornamental flower, and cut flower seed,” says Soraya Jaranyanon, Founder and Managing Director of AGA. “By partnering with Ball, we will be able to fulfill our goal of becoming the leading supplier of a diverse range of floriculture plant products across the region.”

“We are thrilled to become a shareholder in AGA and to work with Soraya and the AGA team,” says Jason Hough, President – Asia Pacific Region for Ball. “Ball is passionate about flowers; our company’s goal is to ‘Color the World.’ Flowers play a very special role in the lives of people across this region. Whether it’s marigolds, which have significant cultural meaning, or the wonderful landscapes of color in many towns and cities, AGA and Ball have a combined mission to expose more of the 2.4 billion people in the region to the wonders of flowers and the value they bring to people’s lives.”

Anne Leventry, President of PanAmerican Seed, a division of Ball, explains that the partnership with AGA is twofold.

“The marigold has been an important seed crop for PanAmerican Seed for many years. We have been a leader in the ornamental marigold category. Combining PanAmerican Seed and AGA’s knowledge of the marigold market will result in great developments for AGA’s marigold customers. In addition, we are excited to have a partner in Thailand that will support our many flower products.”

“Our customers will only experience positive changes as a result of this partnership,” says Soraya. “As we look not only to grow the garland marigold market, but also the use of ornamental and cut flowers across the region, we are now in the strong position to deliver what our customers have been asking for: Great new genetics bred for the region, reliability of supply, and the creation of new business opportunities that help our customers grow.”

Syngenta Flowers to Sell and Market Lazzeri Poinsettia

Syngenta Flowers, LLC, and Lazzeri Societa Agricola A.R.L have announced a new agreement in which Syngenta Flowers will market and sell Lazzeri poinsettia varieties in the U.S. and Canada.

Lazzeri’s strong poinsettia portfolio will enhance Syngenta’s offering with a diverse range of red, novelty, and truly groundbreaking white varieties.

“Lazzeri is an innovative breeder that aligns with our own core strategy of bringing innovative breeding to our broker and grower customers,” says Scott Valentine, head of Syngenta Flowers in North America. “We are excited to have Lazzeri Poinsettia join the Syngenta portfolio and look forward to bringing their genetics to the North American market.”

The combined offering brings even more value to the Syngenta poinsettia portfolio, offering a range of genetics that will service growers’ unique needs across the U.S. and Canada. The combination of Lazzeri genetics, along with Syngenta’s strong track record of poinsettia technical knowledge, grower support, and high quality production, will bring a comprehensive poinsettia package to the market.

“After 15 years of breeding in poinsettias and more than 10 years of experience with our genetics on the European market, we are proud to announce our collaboration for the American and Canadian market with Syngenta,” says Andrea Lazzeri, Product Manager of Lazzeri Società Agricola A.R.L.“Our middle-European breeding is characterized by the easy cultivation for the producers and by the excellent post-sales for the end consumers, offering a complete assortment.”

This new offering will become available from Syngenta for the 2020 season and will be on full display this fall at all key poinsettia trials across the U.S. and Canada.