Dümmen Orange Succulent Combos Stole The Show At BarrelHouse Brewing 2016 California Spring Trial Location

Succulents and succulent combos were bigger hits than the beer at Dümmen Orange’s BarrelHouse Brewing location in Paso Robles, CA. With the acquisition of Florexpo, Dümmen Orange now has the capabilities to produce broader selections of perennials and herbs, which featured prominently in its display, along with succulents.

Succulent guru Robyn Foreman was on hand to pump up the excitement about succulents and demonstrate their versatility for use in everything from half-cut wine bottles to coffee cups and mini-pots. Color bowls of succulents with Kalanchoe Calandiva and other combos designed by Foreman were a popular item with trial-goers. The company is looking at mapping out some of these combos and pre-determining recipes to make it easy for consumers to achieve the same look.


These succulents are moving toward being available as Confetti liners, which could streamline production of succulent combinations, says Tom Costamagna, National Production Manager at Dümmen.

Herbs For You
The acquisition of Florexpo positions Dümmen Orange to capture some of the market share in perennials and herbs, with cuttings available mostly through its Antiqua Flower cutting farm.

The “Herbs For You” display showed the broad range of herb selections the company now has at its fingertips. It can produce year round and provide consistent quality arrangements with lower royalty costs. The display included quart-size three packs, that demonstrate how the collection could work for grab-and-go at retail, along with patio container ideas.

Perennials For You — In Combos
Zoltan Kovacs, Perennial Product Manager at Dümmen Orange, has been hard at work on some striking perennial combos. Grown together with liners that finish at the same time, these mixes are made up using 15 different perennial varieties that don’t require vernalization. The possible combinations are endless. Kovacs is currently working on mapping out the mixes to provide recipes to help consumers get the same look.

“There is no reason why perennial combos can’t be just as exciting for the consumer as annual combos,” he says.

New varieties to Dümmen Orange’s perennial lineup are a Gaillardia Spin Top mix and Gaillardia ‘Moxie’ with tubular flowers, and two new series of penstemon. Coreopsis ‘Sun Swirl’ and the Veronica First Choice series with non-stop flowering also join the lineup.

Euphorbias For The Landscape
Two new Luv U euphorbias also deserve some attention. Kovacs says these plants are tough enough to take 40°F weather, so after cyathias drop, they can be used as landscape foliage plants in certain areas of the country to extend their use.

Other things worth a mention at Dümmen Orange are:

  • four new color additions in the Dahlia Starsisters line
  • new Salvia nemorosa ‘Carmia’
  • new intro of Begonia ‘Unbelievable Sweety Pie’
  • addition of Wheels of Wonder delosperma series