Dümmen Orange’s New Gamechanger, Plants for All Seasons, and Roses and Dreams at CAST 2018

Greenhouse Grower‘s California Spring Trials Team headed north on Day 3, with stops at Dümmen Orange in picturesque San Luis Obispo and Floricultura in fertile Salinas.

We got a bit sidetracked and off schedule with networking due to all of the fantastic people coming through the Dümmen Orange trial. But the plants, news, and marketing ideas we saw and learned about there, not to mention great conversations with friends and colleagues, made it worth the extra time. Check them all out in the slideshow and let us know your opinions in the comments below.


At Floricultura, we saw some beautiful, award-winning plants from all three exhibitors – Westhoff Flowers, Beekenkamp Plants, and The Plug Connection. We also learned about some new ways Beekenkamp is marketing its begonias to appeal to younger demographics.

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