Speedling Inc. Presents New Varieties From ABZ Seeds, Hem Genetics, Thompson & Morgan, Vista Farms & PSI


You name it and we saw it at Speedling’s California Spring Trials location in San Juan Bautista, where five companies showed off their new introductions for 2016.


Hem Genetics is getting into vegetables and herbs, and it’s experimenting with flower, veggie and herb combos. It’s also the breeder of the popular Starsister and Solosister dahlias we saw earlier in the week at Dummen’s trials. Representatives from Thompson & Morgan, the breeder of the popular Ketchup & Fries tomtato phenomenon that’s being produced by Plug Connection and was picked up by the HGTV HOME Plant Collection, said the tomtato was introduced in the UK last year and sold millions, and now it’s catching on quickly in Europe.

ABZ Seeds introduces a red-flowered strawberry, which provides a great deal of ornamental value to the plants for combinations. ‘Ruby Ann’ joins the pink-flowered ‘Merlan,’ rose-flowered ‘Tristan’ and white-flowered ‘Loran’ for a colorful array of strawberry plants. ‘Montana’ is a pretty new intro, as well, with very large snow-white flowers and large, sweet berries.

Vista Farms is a newcomer to trials this year. The farm, based in Puerto Rico, specializes in tropical plants like bougainvillea, which it grows into many forms.

Plant Source International (PSI) is a young plant producer that propagates genetics from many breeders. PSI’s Troy Lucht says the operation prides itself on branching out to unique varieties, as well, to differentiate itself from the pack.