Akro-Mils Creating A ‘Greener’ Workplace

Akro-Mils Creating A ‘Greener’ Workplace

Akro-Mils, a Myers Industries company, has invested in several energy-saving initiatives for its main plant in Wadsworth, Ohio. New overhead lighting fixtures and electric injection-molding machinery are helping Akro-Mils not only promote an eco-friendly workplace, but also lower costs and improve safety and quality.

Based in Akron, Ohio, Akro-Mils is a North American leader in plastic storage bins and organization containers, shelving systems and mobile material handling products.


“This is a major undertaking for our Wadsworth plant. We’re excited knowing the outcome will have a positive impact on the environment, as well as increasing the level of efficiency in which our products are created,” says Jeff Gervais, general manager of Akro-Mils. “Akro-Mils is known for providing state-of-the-art plastic products to our customers, so updating our facility and machinery further enhances our pledge to be the best provider of storage and organization container solutions in the industry.”

For many years, the overhead fluorescent bulbs used to light the plant were practical but inefficient from an energy standpoint and generated a lot of heat. The new T5 and T8 fluorescent bulbs are thinner and brighter, providing a whiter light with half of the energy draw. Plus, proximity switches have been installed throughout the facility, ensuring that lights will only be on when people are working in each specific area.

From a manufacturing standpoint, Akro-Mils is also replacing two of its injection-molding machines with the latest energy-efficient, electric models. The new machinery will produce Akro-Mils’ plastic product lines with less energy draw than their predecessors. Additionally, the equipment is designed so that product molds are mounted and held in place magnetically, allowing products to be molded with even greater precision and quality.

“The positive comments from employees have been astounding,” says Gary Taylor, plant manager, in response to the new lighting. “Not only has the ability to visually inspect products improved, but also increased employee safety in production and warehouse areas–a key factor for the lighting project.

“Another byproduct of the new lighting is how much cooler the work areas are. This should pay dividends toward employee comfort and safety when our summer heat returns.”

Overall, Akro-Mils is anticipating a 50 percent savings in electricity and lighting costs for the new lights that were recently completed. Installation of the new machinery, to be completed by June, should render a 15 to 20 percent savings in manufacturing efficiencies.

Learn more about Akro-Mils online at www.akro-mils.com.