Five Proven Ways To Grow Sales

Five Proven Ways To Grow Sales

Jon Goldman, president of Brand Launcher, will present on five proven ways to grows sales November 4 at the Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo in Worcester, Mass.

According to Goldman, “me-too” marketing won’t cut it in for industry. To stand out and get noticed by the right kind of customers, Goldman suggests growers need powerful, proven marketing.


In his November 4 session, Goldman will share five out-of-the-box marketing strategies for growers, garden center managers and landscapers to get the phones ringing and boost sales–without breaking the bank. Attendees can expect to learn:
– The costliest mistake most landscapers make in promoting their services.
– How to target your message by pinpointing your “hungry fish.”
– How to create powerful offers for your services using “irresistible bait.”
– How to use easy tools to attract new customers–and keep your existing ones.
– The single most powerful word you should use.
– The “kiss of death” for your sales–and how to avoid it.

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