Lean Flow For The Green Industry Workshop In August

Lean Flow For The Green Industry Workshop In August

Flow Vision is hosting a Lean Flow In The Green Industry Workshop at Kraft Gardens, Fort Pierce, Fla., August 30-31. Lean manufacturing is a production method that looks at efficiency and eliminating waste.

Some of the reasons FlowVision says Lean processes make sense in the greenhouses are: 


• Products require direct-labor touches, and most touches add only cost, not value

• Sell-through—when your products are at maximum cost and represent potential revenue—is low, and may comprise your most significant lost opportunity

• Facilities are enormous and your product mix is broad, so non-value-adding workforce "travel time" is costly

• Products and processes are highly seasonal and unpredictable, generating long hours, long days, air freight and product damage

• Living products that don’t sell when expected require more touches, only to be sold at a discount or dumped at full cost

For more information or to register, contact Gary Cortes at [email protected] or 609-488-0243.