Young’s Plant Farm Wins Innovation Award

Young’s Plant Farm Wins Innovation Award

Young’s Plant Farm of Auburn, Ala., won first place in the Innovation category for the 2011 Sage Customer Awards. Young’s teamed with Practical Software Solutions to add Scan By Cart capabilities to Sage ERP MAS 500 Grower Vertical.
The Innovation Award recognizes the extraordinary achievement of a customer that adopted Sage applications as an enterprise-class solution for its industry.

"We’re honored that Sage recognized the Grower Vertical module for a second time," says Vince Stamey, Chief Executive Officer of Practical Software Solutions. "Grower Vertical is a credit to how flexible Sage ERP MAS 500 is and how businesses can have it tailored to meet the needs of their customers. We congratulate Young’s Plant Farm for winning this highly coveted award."


Scan By Cart was developed after one of Young’s Plant Farm’s big box retailers changed its UPC system to give unique codes for every plant variety and color. Instead of having one UPC code for one 4-inch annual potted plant, for example, the retailer now has more than 20 UPCs to account for the different combinations. Scan By Cart rebuilds sales orders and generates all the shipping orders, documents and labels as the product is loaded onto the truck. This is done with the use of handheld devices and bar code technology.

Young’s Plant Farm approached Practical Software Solutions with its concept for Scan By Cart. Together with Scanco, a handheld device development company for Sage products, Practical Software Solutions made Scan By Cart a reality.

"This has reduced our customer receipt errors to less than 1 percent," says Bryan Young, general manager of Young’s Plant Farm.

The award marks the second time a Practical Software Solutions customer was honored for work on Grower Vertical. In 2008, Metrolina Greenhouses of Huntersville, N.C., won first place in the Best Use of Customization category for the Sage Customer Awards for its work with Practical Software Solutions in developing the Grower Vertical module. Grower Vertical provides a customizable, scalable and full-featured enterprise management system designed for specific needs of the horticulture industry.

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