PlantNite Offers A Modern Take On The Classic Garden Party

PlantNite Offers A Modern Take On The Classic Garden Party

A Modern Take On The Classic Garden PartyTake plants, a local venue and a gardening expert, and mix with good friends, socializing, wine and Top 40 music, and what you have is the modern-day twist on the classic garden party.

PlantNite is a company that brings plants to the people by organizing 2-hour social events in local bars and restaurants. Attendees can enjoy a night out with friends, meet new people and learn something new, all while a gardening expert walks them through creating a small, take-home garden of their very own.


One of the first things you notice when you visit the PlantNite Facebook page is the young faces, a sign that the organizers have come up with a surefire, unique way to attract Millennials and connect people with plants. It’s the type of hands-on event that we need more of — stress-free enough to hook potential gardeners and fun enough to bring out the party animal in all of us, young and old.

Try this at your business, take a classic event like a cocktail hour, wedding shower or dinner party and put your own spin on it to create a modern-day plant experience that engages your customers.