SBI Software’s Enterprise Software Package Includes Mobile Inventory Management

SBI Software’s Enterprise Software Package Includes Mobile Inventory Management

SBI SoftwareIf your standard, off-the-shelf accounting software program and Excel inventory sheets just aren’t cutting it anymore, maybe it’s time to look at a computer software program developed for commercial growers. Here are some software programs designed to handle the variables and intricacies that are unique to commercial growers’ businesses.

SBI Software


Ben Marchi-Young, sales and marketing manager at SBI Software, says his company has been producing software for the horticulture industry for more than 12 years. He says the software is functional for a wide variety of operation sizes.

“Inventory visibility is one of the major concerns with the growers who come to us,” Marchi-Young says. “Many businesses are still doing this by hand. Our software enables growers and retail locations to efficiently track their inventory and see it at any position in time.

“What we have been working on recently is our inventory control application that will allow users to go out into the field or greenhouse and literally manage and control their inventory from any device while they are physically looking at inventory. This alleviates the need to print out multiple inventory sheets, and then having to go out to manually count, transfer and dump by hand on Excel sheets. This is giving growers the functionality and ability to easily and efficiently manage their inventories.”

Marchi-Young says there is another inventory application called VMI Merchandiser that tracks what is being sold at retail outlets, whether it’s sold at big box stores or independent garden centers.

“The program tracks inventory being shipped to the stores, when it’s received by the stores and when it’s sold,” he says. “Store managers or merchandisers are able to log in from their phone, tablet or computer, anywhere. They can determine if the plants received were received in good condition and update any quantities or notes needing to be adjusted for a particular load. This allows for mass communication of the inventory visibility. The VMI Merchandiser application is part of SBI’s ANY Device Application platform, which gives users essential tools that are accessible by any device, including iPhones, Droids, iPads, Droid tablets or any computer.”

Managing Contract Growing

A recent application introduced for contract growers is an extension of SBI’s ANY Device Applications.

“This application allows a grower who is working with contract growers to create orders, assign them as a contract grower and then send that order to them using this application,” Marchi-Young says. “The contract grower logs in to the contract grower application, which is accessible on any device, to see what plants need to be grown and then manages each of the needed products as they become ready for that order. It allows contract growers to receive the orders for the plants that they are supposed to produce and then make any changes to fulfill those orders.”

The contract grower does not need to have the SBI software to use the application. The contract growing application is one of many extensions of SBI’s ANY Device Applications.

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