Ecke Turns To FlowVision To Optimize Supply Chain

Ecke Turns To FlowVision To Optimize Supply Chain

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Paul Ecke Ranch has entered a partnership with FlowVision, a consulting group focused on increasing grower success through supply chain optimization.


The partnership is expected to help Ecke’s growers reduce cost, increase quality, increase response time and provide better fulfillment for retailers.

Ecke Ranch will incorporate FlowVision lean flow methodology into products, systems and programs. FlowVision will use Ecke’s experience in breeding, production inbound logistics and retail programs to create new valuable supply chain solutions.

“Our ability to connect with the industry leading growers through partners like Ecke allows us to create more value for both growers and retailers,” says Gary Cortés, founding partner of FlowVision. “Working together, we will uncover more supply chain solutions, and be able to launch these solutions more rapidly.”

Adds Ecke Ranch President Andy Higgins: “We don’t just provide our customers with a cutting; we provide solutions to complex supply chain challenges. Our FlowVision partnership will support our strategy to broaden the range of solutions we offer to our customers. We continue to extend our reach into the supply chain to support our industry’s best growers and retailers.”

Both companies intend to work together to build this partnership over the next few years.

FlowVision is a global management consulting group that supplies products and services to corporate leaders enabling lean business practices and supply chains, ensuring their customers will be the most competitive companies in their served markets.

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