Top Vertical Farm Operations Worth Looking up

A continuously growing global population requires more space. Unfortunately, we only have so much to work with here on Earth. Space is a premium for everybody and everything. Indeed. Perhaps that’s why vertical farming is trending. Recently, Robotics & Automation News compiled a list of its “Top 25 Vertical Farming Companies.”

The tech industry news outlet highlighted two main reasons for highlighting the subject as follows:
1. There is a number of startup companies emerging in the sector and attracting tens of millions of dollars in investment; and
2. More people live in cities than do in rural areas, a global trend which seems irreversible, and this means that the demand for fresh produce will increase in urban areas and bringing the production closer to the consumer would make sense.


Scan the photo slideshow above to see just some of the companies mentioned in alphabetical order. Some of the firms you might be familiar with, others maybe not.

Visit for the complete listing, which includes more farming operations as well as equipment suppliers.