Grow-Tech Announces BioStrate, Its Newest Hydroponic Growing Medium

Grow-Tech Announces BioStrate, Its Newest Hydroponic Growing Medium

Biostrate-Microgreens-growing-media-by-Grow-TechGrow-Tech LLC recently announced the release of BioStrate Felt, a biobased textile specifically engineered for the growing of hydroponic microgreens and baby salad greens.

BioStrate Felt was developed in-house with the support of USDA funding and is manufactured in Maine. The blend of biopolymers and natural fibers is designed to manage water efficiently for optimal growth in a variety of hydroponic systems.


BioStrate Felt is the first in a range of products in development using Grow-Tech’s biopolymer technology platform.

“We have been fortunate to be able to use our experience in the horticulture sector combined with a close collaboration with innovators in the hydroponics sector to develop a new substrate that meets the needs of this fast growing market,” says Edwin Dijkshoorn, Grow-Tech’s CEO.

Grow-Tech’s technical sales team can work directly with growers to custom cut the product to perfectly fit the grower’s systems.

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