Landmark Plastic Addresses Retailer Capillary Mat Requirements With Open-Bottom Trade Gallon Tray

Landmark Open-Bottom Tray

To address retailer Cap Mat requirements, Landmark Plastic has introduced its new 6-ct. Open Bottom Trade Gallon Tray that helps saturate plants from the bottom up.

With the availability of water being the number one global risk based on its overall impact to society, it’s no surprise that big name retailers like Walmart, The Home Depot and Lowe’s have taken aggressive steps to reduce their water consumption at store level. More specifically, for the Spring 2016 selling season, Walmart has mandated that its horticultural partners be capillary mat compliant. This means that plants typically watered top-down will now be required to be watered through a sophisticated watering mat that helps saturate the plants from the bottom up.


To help growers embrace this new requirement, Landmark Plastic has developed a new trade gallon tray with an open bottom that enables plants to be watered from the roots up. This not only helps utilize water more efficiently, but also helps retailers reduce labor costs associated with the task of watering.

“We’ve made it our business to solve problems for growers,” says Steve Beall, VP of Sales & Marketing for Landmark Plastic. “And our new Open Bottom Trade Gallon Tray does just that by helping plants get the nutrients they need, while also saving costs for retailers. Both combine to give consumers a better value through a stronger, higher-quality plant.”

When not in contact with capillary mat water flow, the new Landmark Open Bottom Tray provides superior drainage, so plants don’t continuously sit in liquid that could eventually lead to root rot and/or damage. Made from durable polypropylene, which improves handling and eliminates cracking, the new trays work for multi-season use. Plus, they’re automation- and user-friendly with radius corners and container ridges within each tray cell to promote easier seating. The tray configuration allows for tighter container nesting without gaps, which allows for more efficient soil fill.

Landmark’s new Open Bottom Trade Gallon Tray holds both its 6-count X-6.5NGT trade gallon containers and 6-count I-R600 injection molded trade gallon containers.

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