New Webinars Address Effective Propagation Techniques

New Webinars Address Effective Propagation Techniques

cuttings-facilitye-Gro, an online clearinghouse for alerts about greenhouse disease, insect, environmental, physiological, and nutritional disorders, recently posted two new propagation-related webinars on YouTube.

Thinking Inside the Box: What the Shipping Environment Does to Your Cuttings


Nathan Jahnke – PhD Graduate Student, North Carolina State University
Unrooted vegetative cuttings are a popular choice for propagating floriculture crops, but some cuttings travel thousands of miles before they get to a grower. Ethylene, dehydration, and Botrytis are a few common postharvest factors that can reduce cutting quality during shipping and storage. This webinar discussed how these factors may be affecting your URC and liner supply chains.

Successfully Rooting Vegetative Cuttings

W. Garrett Owen – Michigan State University
Rooting your own vegetative cuttings has been increasing in popularity. However, there are many growers considering rooting cuttings for the first time. Owen presented key aspects to consider when propagating your own cuttings to get rooting success near 100%.