Three New Options For Growing Media

Three New Options For Growing Media

From special blends to mycorrhizae, here are some new options for growth media.

ProMix BX Biostimulant+Mycorrhizae from Premier TechPro-Mix BX Biostimulant+Mycorrhizae from Premier Tech
Get the protection of a high-quality biostimulant working in synergy with the growth-enhancement qualities of a 100-percent-contaminant-free mycorrhizae product. Pro-Mix BX is a general purpose peat-based professional growing medium suitable for a wide variety of horticultural plants and transplanting applications.


FlexiTray (New High-Binder Version) from Grow-Tech
Grow-Tech LLC introduces a new high-binder formulation of its stabilized growing media. This high-binder formulation has been optimized to provide the same air/water ratio advantages of the standard formula but will work even better with the new generation of high-speed greenhouse automation equipment. This formula is now available in pre-filled, industry standard trays for floriculture, hydroponics and forestry.

Made from a special blend of long-fiber sphagnum peat moss, perlite and vermiculite bound by a non-woven cellulose fabric, Fertiss propagation plugs are loose-rolled for increased air porosity, better moisture management and easier sticking. Special tray designs promote uniform air pruning, reduce root spiraling and encourage healthy starter plants that establish faster after transplanting, so transplant shock and costly plant loss are minimized.