Greenhouse Crop Management Scheduling Made Easy With New App

Greenhouse Crop Management Scheduling Made Easy With New App

Back-Pocket-Grower-Date-Week-App-feature-imageGreenhouse growers are often converting back and forth from production week number to calendar date when scheduling crop management and sales events.

The production week number normally used in horticulture is based on International Organization for Standardization (ISO) rules. Week 1 is the first calendar week of the year that includes a Thursday, the week runs seven days from Monday to Sunday, and there are 52 to 53 production weeks depending on the year.


Thanks to a partnership between the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and the web design firm ThomasBaine Ltd., a new mobile app is now available that does these date conversions for you.

Using Date Week at, growers can access the tool by clicking on the current production week icon on the home page, or by clicking on Tools at the top right and then selecting “Date Week/Semana Fecha” from the list of calculator apps.

Within the tool, you can convert from Date to Week or vice versa. The app is free and in both English and Spanish.

Date Week was funded by industry partners in the Floriculture Research Alliance. Growers can try out Date Week on their mobile phone out in the greenhouse or nursery. The University of Florida provides training on this and other apps in its online Extension courses for growers.

For questions, contact Dr. Paul Fisher, Professor and Extension Specialist at the University of Florida or Dr. Bruce MacKay, Managing Director of ThomasBaine Ltd.