Little Leaf Farms Expands Its Indoor Baby Greens Production

Little Leaf Farms Expands Its Indoor Baby Greens Production

Little-Leaf-Farms-New-GreenhouseLittle Leaf Farms, one of the largest growers of hydroponic baby greens in North America, has officially opened its expanded greenhouse in Devens, MA. The expansion doubles the size of the greenhouse from 2½ acres to 5 acres, and more than doubles its annual production of baby greens. The company has also purchased adjacent land for a third expansion project set to begin in 2019, which will further increase the size of the greenhouse to approximately 10 acres.

“We are passionate about transforming the way food is grown,” says Paul Sellew, CEO and Founder of Little Leaf Farms. “We incorporate principles of sustainability in everything we do, all to provide consumers with delicious, local baby greens at a fair price. Our process is clean from the start, so consumers can be confident they’re purchasing a safe product, grown in an environment that employs the most advanced food safety practices.”


Opened in 2016, Little Leaf Farms produces locally grown, fresh baby greens year-round that are delivered to New England consumers within hours of being harvested. Little Leaf Farms grows multiple varieties of baby lettuce at its greenhouse that are blended into salad mixes and sold in more than 1,000 Northeast grocery stores and to many restaurant, university, and institutional customers. Little Leaf Farms’ ability to deliver fresh, great tasting and safe baby greens to consumers that can be easily traced back to its Massachusetts greenhouse has led to the company’s rapid growth and expansion.

Little Leaf Farms’ hydroponic growing process uses natural sunlight, a computer-controlled growing environment, and a rainwater-based irrigation system that uses 90% less water than field-grown lettuce. The company’s technologically advanced growing system enables the baby greens to be seeded, grown, cut, and packaged without ever being touched by human hands.

More information about Little Leaf Farms’ expanded greenhouse facility and where its baby greens can be purchased can be found on the company’s website.

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