Mycorrhizal Applications Finds Way to Spread Roots

Mycorrhizal Applications Finds Way to Spread Roots

Mycorrhizal Applications, a global supplier of mycorrhizal inoculants, continues to grow and has recently added Alex Way to its team as a West Coast Sales Account Manager. The hire comes at a time of growing interest and demand for sustainable soil solutions.

Way will play a role in the continued growth and development of the Oregon-based manufacturing company by supporting growers and green industry professionals in the western U.S., and providing additional support to the increasing number of horticulture distributors who are selling products that Mycorrhizal Applications produces, as well as the additional biological solutions the company distributes, such as Actinovate biofungicides, MGK botanical insecticides, and Valent BioSciences’ plant growth regulators.

Alex Way hired at Mycorrhizal Applications

Alex Way

According to Mycorrhizal Applications, Way has the ability to provide in-depth technical assistance with mycorrhizal applications in a variety of types of horticulture. In addition, he is certified in good agricultural practices, hazard analysis & critical control points, and has his private pesticide applicators license.

Prior to accepting his new post, Way worked as a program coordinator for the School of Gardening for South Carolina Educators, as well as an R&D Manager and IPM Specialist for a research nursery.