New Tool Helps Greenhouse Growers Analyze Irrigation Water Quality

Irrigation-featureThe University of Connecticut and University of Florida have partnered to launch the WaterQual tool as part of the CleanateR3 research program.

The tool was developed by Rosa Raudales (University of Connecticut) and Paul Fisher (University of Florida). It is designed to interpret the quality of a water source to irrigate plants in greenhouses and nurseries, and is available in English and Spanish.


Note that the tool is intended for use only as a crop management guide for water sources used in nursery and greenhouse irrigation. Interpretation of values and suggested actions only apply to this water use, and are based on crop management and not regulatory requirements. Users should check with authorities and comply with water laws and regulations that apply in their area. Trialing management changes on small groups of plants is recommended before applying on a large scale.

Click here to access the tool.

Development of the WaterQual tool is supported by Critical Agricultural Research and Extension grant #11947449, the Clean WateR3 Specialty Crops Research Initiative grant #2014-51181-22372, and the Floriculture Nursery Research Initiative grant #58-3607-8-725 from the USDA NIFA, and industry partners in the Floriculture Research Alliance.