Pöppelmann’s Jack Shelton Retiring

Jack Shelton, president of Pöppelmann Plastics USA, has announced his retirement from the company, which he will continue to serve on a consulting basis and as a member of the board.

Shelton opened Pöppelmann Plastics’ first U.S. operation and has directed the company’s impressive growth for the last decade. Pöppelmann founded in the United States in 2000 as the first North American subsidiary of the German-based company.


In 2009, less than two years after opening its $12 million plant in Claremont, N.C., the company constructed an $8 million warehouse that doubled the size of its complex in Claremont Industrial Park. Now dedicated to making thermoformed and injection-molded horticultural pots and related products, the complex eventually will house production and sales for Pöppelmann’s other divisions as well.

“Our technically superior products have been well received in the marketplace, and the printing of marketing messages directly on the pots further boosted sales,” Shelton says. ““Pöppelmann Plastics is the work not of a few, but of many, and I commend all the great efforts from the many different directions. It has been a source of fun and great satisfaction over these years to see the company grow, and I hope each person who had a hand in building the business has enjoyed it as much as I have. Pöppelmann Plastics has many great years ahead and I personally thank all those that made that success possible.”

Led by his wife’s plant hobby, Shelton began his long career in horticulture after working in aeronautical engineering at Lockheed Georgia and in packaging at RockTenn Packaging. Combining her plant knowledge with his business abilities, the couple started as growers, brokers and greenhouse operators. Shelton later worked 19 years with Danish plastic-pot manufacturer Rosti OS before joining Pöppelmann to open the company’s first U.S. operation.

Learn more about Pöppelmann USA online at www.teku.com.