Harvest Automation Extends Robot Rental Program

Harvest Automation Extends Robot Rental Program

harvest automation featured imageHarvest Automation’s robot rental program proved to be such a success for the company that it is being extended through the spring. The program was unveiled last year as a way for customers to get started with HV-100 robots.

The robot rental program allows new customers access to four robots for three months for $15,000.


According to Harvest Automation, some of the benefits of using the robots include:
• Low cost per plant move
• 5 to 15 percent more plants on a bed
• Faster crop turnover
• Less pruning and rework
• Reduced water, fertilizer and chemical use
• Reduction in Workers Compensation Insurance premiums
• Improved worker health and safety
• Lower employee turnover
• Lower exposure to labor and health care law changes
• Higher plant quality
• More predictable production schedules

For more information about the robots, the company’s free robot work offer, flexible rental and financing options, or to schedule an on-site demo, call 978-528-4250 or eMail [email protected] Or, enter your contact information here, and a Harvest Automation representative will be in touch.

For more information about Harvest Automation and the HV-100, visit Harvest Automation’s website.

Source: Harvest Automation