15 Flowering Foliage And Tropical Plants For The Home And Garden

Flowering foliage and tropical plants make great home décor items for today’s consumers. They are the ultimate lifestyle plants because they enrich the environment and provide mood-boosting benefits. And with all the new varieties available, flowering tropical and foliage plants have uses that go beyond the confines of the home. They make great patio and outdoor garden items, as well. Take into account some of these new introductions for a crop mix that helps your customers realize the true benefits of plants.






Canna ‘Cannova Lemon’ (Ball Ingenuity)
Cannova is the first seed F1 canna series that offers an easy-to-grow option in this heat-tolerant class. Improved young plant performance means more useable plugs that are uniform and earlier than other seed canna programs. Strong colors capture the landscape market. Cannova is versatile enough to work well in 4-inch pots to 2-gallon containers. It is ideal for cart programs. ‘Cannova Lemon’ extends the color pallet for the series. Lemon is a light yellow that works great as a stand-alone or a component that blends well with other colors. It is bred by Takii in Europe and offered exclusively through Ball Seed.

Dipladenia Madinia Series (Syngenta Flowers)
The Dipladenia Madinia Series has large, trumpet-shaped blooms and a controlled, upright habit that is perfect for containers and combinations. With their exceptional heat and drought tolerance, mature Madinia plants can tolerate two weeks or more without irrigation and are highly resistant to wilt. The series is available in Hot Pink, White, Deep Red, and Pink.

Dipladenia ‘Summer Romance Vining Merlot’ (Ball Ingenuity)
This tropical-looking plant offers a fresh take on the dipladenia/mandevilla plant class. Bred to be easy to produce and versatile in their application, Summer Romance Vining varieties can be used for trellised production in both smaller and larger container sizes. The series has more blooms, better branching, and is early to flower. Vining Merlot is dark red and a bold, unique color. Bred by Lannes in France, it is offered exclusively through Ball Seed.

Hibiscus ‘Disco Belle’ (Sakata Ornamentals)
‘Disco Belle’ is a compact hibiscus, growing 24 to 32 inches tall. ‘Disco Belle’ is a good choice for consumers looking for big color in smaller spaces. It can be grown in areas with short summer seasons, and it is highly useful for growing in large pots or gallon containers.

Hibiscus ‘First Editions Summer Ruffle’ (Bailey Nurseries)
Hibiscus ‘Summer Ruffle’ is an incredibly beautiful foliage plant with variegated blue-green leaves that are accented by creamy white margins. Beyond the eye-catching foliage, dark-pink to lavender single flowers bring added color in the summer. ‘Summer Ruffle’ is a fantastic small space or container garden plant, as it matures to only 3 to 4 feet tall and wide.

Hibiscus ‘HibisQs’ (Ball Ingenuity)
This tropical hibiscus is a great option for many gardeners as it can take the heat and humidity of summer. The HibisQs Series offers some of the latest breeding in this class. Plants have extended bloom length and an improved number of blooms per plant. The bright colors of the blooms can also be seen in the candles of the plant. These colored candles combined with the large, bright blooms result in color that lasts all summer. ‘HibisQs’ is bred by Graff Breeding in Denmark and offered exclusively through Ball Seed.

Hibiscus ‘Little Zin’ (Ball FloraPlant)
This attractive, dark-burgundy foliage plant pairs well in combination with other flowers in containers. ‘Little Zin’ extends the gardening season well into the warmth of summer. It loves the heat and holds its color and upright form. Its serrated leaves offer texture and unique appeal as a thriller component in mixes, and it remains more compact than other hibiscus.

Hibiscus ‘Tradewinds H2 Bali Sunrise’ (Aris Keepsake Plants)
The double flowers on Bali Sunrise are a first for Tradewinds tropical hibiscus with their showy 4½ to 5 inch orange blooms. Strong stems hold flowers upright with no flopping. Superior branching and high bud count provide color that just doesn’t quit. Bali Sunrise is perfect for containers or in the landscape.

Hibiscus ‘Tradewinds Pink Tortuga Wind’ (Aris Keepsake Plants)
The luminous, hot-pink flowers of Pink Tortuga Wind brighten any patio or garden setting. Flowers are huge at 5¼ to 6 inches in diameter. Loads of buds are nestled in the healthy, glossy-green foliage, providing abundant flowers all season long. Plants show strong branching and have a compact habit.

Hibiscus ‘Tradewinds Orange Sunset Wind’ (Aris Keepsake Plants)
Sunset Wind has fluorescent-orange blooms that are 4½ to 6 inches in diameter. In mass, this stunning tropical plant lights up any outdoor living space, bringing the allure of an island getaway. Loads of buds are nestled in the healthy, glossy-green foliage, providing abundant flowers all season long. Plants have strong branching and compact habits.

Mandevilla Bella Series (Cultivaris)
A bushy, upright-growing mandevilla series that has enormous flowers. This series combines the best of all the mandevilla on the market into one easy collection. Plants work well in 6-inch pots and larger, and their upright growing habit makes it easier for growers to manage. Mandevilla from the Bella Series work great in combos or large hanging baskets.

Mandevilla ‘Sun Parasol Apricot’ (Suntory Flowers)
‘Sun Parasol Apricot’ bred by Suntory Flowers matches the Sun Parasol Giant Mandevilla Series with blooms spanning 3½ to 4½ inches. It is ideal for trellises in larger pots and a very fast grower with excellent branching. Apricot’s trailing habit is also beautiful in hanging baskets.

Medinilla ‘Dolce Vita’ (Ball Ingenuity)
Medinilla is a relatively new class of plants that is making quite a statement. ‘Dolce Vita’ is great as an indoor houseplant. The blooms can last for three to five months, providing exceptional value for the consumer. Medinilla ‘Dolce Vita’ has semi-double blooms. It is bred by Northend Gardens in Ontario, Canada, and offered exclusively as a prefinished product through Ball Seed.

Streptocarpus ‘Ladyslippers Yellow Blue Eye’ (Green Fuse Botanicals)
Streptocarpus ‘Ladyslippers Yellow Blue Eye’ is a new Lifestyle plant introduction. This bright-yellow flowering variety is a unique color for streptocarpus. The Ladyslippers Series can be successfully grown as an indoor house plant, or it will create a unique shade container for outdoors.

Streptocarpus hyb. Fleischle Series (Cultivaris)
This excellent collection of grower-friendly streptocarpus offers the consumer an easy-to-grow, flowering house plant that grows and blooms under low-light conditions. The Fleischle Series is selected for longest flowering, ease of shipping, strong postharvest quality, and intense, saturated flower colors. Streptocarpus in the series include ‘Ambiente,’ ‘Cherry Roulette,’ ‘Denim,’ ‘Leyla,’ ‘Pink Leyla,’ ‘Princesse,’ ‘Rubina,’ ‘Spirit,’ and ‘Stella.’