8 Plant Varieties that Rocked at 2019 Louisiana State University Field Trials

A primary mission of the LSU AgCenter’s Hammond Research Station is to evaluate and promote superior plant material and new specialty crops for use within the Louisiana nursery and landscape industry, writes Dr. Jeb S. Fields, Jason Stagg, and Ashley Edwards in recapping the 2019 field trials.

This is done through continuous trialing and observation of new plants, according to the professor. Many of the garden areas are designed to perfectly capture the sauna-like growing conditions of Louisiana – high humidity, heavy rainfall, extreme sun exposure, and high daytime (and even nighttime) temperatures.


The LSU AgCenter’s Hammond Research Station Trials occupy approximately 30 acres and cover seasonal bedding plants, hardy perennials, woody shrubs, trees and everything in between.

Additionally, the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station Trials are designed with landscape performance in mind, with trials not arranged in rows, but instead a landscape setting.

This year, the University included container trials to the trialing program, and plans to continue such into the future.

Check out the above slideshow to see what trial managers had to say about eight varieties that did well in LSU’s trials this year.

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