Fire Damages Swanson Nursery

Fire Damages Swanson Nursery

Deforche On Cost-Effective Facilities UpgradesFire crews were called to Seattle-based Swanson’s Nursery in the middle of the night on August 22, the Ballard News Tribune reported.

The fire, likely started by an “electrical issue,” destroyed bathrooms and a seminar room, Retail Manager Eric Nordstrom told the news outlet. Smoke damage was more extensive, however. Swanson’s President, Brian Damron says the fire also reached a storage area and utility room.


A fire department spokesman says the fire broke through the greenhouse walls, and that part of a wooden wall had to be removed so the crew could reach the flames.

The store’s café resides next to the damaged area, and is temporarily closed. It’s an important part of Swanson’s off season revenue strategy. The store is working with a timeline of repairs with its insurance company so it can determine when the cafe can reopen, the news outlet reports.

The fire was out relatively quickly once firefighters arrived, within 15 minutes, Ballard News Tribune reports.

The greenhouse in question is a high-end greenhouse that was part of Swanson’s major rebuilding project a few years ago. At the time, it updated every level of the store, from its structures, to the departments it housed, to the loading dock and parking lot layout, to the state-of-the-art sound barrier wall.