The 2016 Bathroom Awards Is Open For Contestants

The 2016 Bathroom Awards Is Open For Contestants

2012 Gold Award for Best Garden Center BathroomWorking on the premise that a business that pays attention to its restrooms is a business that focuses on the customer, Garden Centers of America’s annual award for best bathroom invites garden retailers to submit their most creative and appealing restroom photos and descriptions.

A panel will judge entries on creativity and comfort to customer’s overall shopping experience, and the winner will receive a plaque in front of a large audience at the IGC Show in Chicago (August 16-18).


LAltum’s Horticultural Center & Landscape won last year’s award and a complimentary registration for the 2016 GCA Summer Tour.
These awards are presented annually at the IGC Show in Chicago, IL.

To enter in this year’s competition when the call for entries is open, send several photos of your bathroom saved in jpeg file format, along with a brief paragraph about the bathroom, why it is designed the way it is and its benefit to the garden center. E-mail this information, along with the name of the store and key contact, address, phone and e-mail address, to [email protected].