The Most Popular Side Businesses For Garden Retailers [Infographic]

The Most Popular Side Businesses For Garden Retailers [Infographic]

Very few garden retail businesses are stand-alone garden centers. More than 80% have other businesses. This infographic spells out which are most common. All of these figures are taken from our State Of The Industry Survey, and 306 retailers replied to the question, “Other than your retail store, what other divisions do you have?”

Growing divisions are most common, with 61.4% reporting they either grow for their own store or are wholesale growers. Supplying the garden store with home-grown plants edges out wholesale growing, 42.9% compared to 22.6%. Those who had growing division tend to do one or the other, and very few grew plants both for wholesale and themselves.


That can’t be said for landscaping divisions. Combined, 55.9% report having some type of landscaping business. Just about 50% have a landscape design division, followed closely with 46.4% running maintenance and installation divisions. By and large, if a garden retailer has a landscape division at all, it has both design and installation.

This was the first year we asked about produce-related divisions. A full 25.5% report they host a farmers’ market or a CSA, or run a cafe or grocery store.  Individually, farmers’ markets are the most common with 19%, followed by cafes at 6.5%, with grocery stores and CSA at 2.9% and 2.3% respectively.