Netafim’s More Sustainable Dripline

Netafim's More Sustainable Dripline

Netafim USA’s high performance Techline CV dripline is now manufactured with recycled materials, giving Netafim the opportunity to earn LEED credits on landscape installations.


Techline CV is used in a broad range of applications to irrigate turf, trees, shrubs and bedding areas.

The flexible tubing features two PSI check valves in each dripper for equalized application of water throughout the system (all drippers turn on and off at the same time). Check valves also prevent low emitter drainage with elevation changes up to 4 1/2 feet.

Techline CV’s dripper design offers continuous self-flushing throughout the line, not just at the beginning or end or a cycle. Pressure compensation allows equal amounts of water to be delivered over a broad pressure range (14.7 to 70 PSI), and a physical root barrier protects the internal system from root intrusion without chemicals.

Techline CV can be installed above ground or sub-surface, and it delivers water directly to root zones in precise, measured droplets (0.26 to 0.9 GPH).

The tubing is available in coils from 100 feet to 1,000 feet for large jobs and works reliably in all conditions, including clay, loam or sandy soil.

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