New Automatic Guided Vehicle Helps Move Product Around the Greenhouse

New Automatic Guided Vehicle Helps Move Product Around the Greenhouse

Lowpad-featureThis past November, Eurotec, a Netherlands-based company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-tech solutions for logistics, order processing, and automation, launched the Lowpad, an automatic guided vehicle.

Standing only 12 centimeters (4¾ inches) tall, the Lowpad can be operated without requiring adjustments to the infrastructure of a warehouse. The Lowpad determines its position wirelessly and is controlled through overhead software, which can be integrated seamlessly into a grower’s existing system.


The Lowpad system is scalable, making its design suitable for a wide variety of trolleys, racks, and pallets. A multifunctional scanning system and separately driven wheels enable the Lowpad to safely negotiate the grounds of a warehouse. The Lowpad always chooses the most efficient way during transport. In addition, it can be deployed for order-picking methods, making order filling up to 70% more efficient.

To allow for more user flexibility, the Lowpad features a series of variable designs. The various Lowpad vehicles can be operated in parallel. As a result, Lowpads can execute numerous tasks at the same time, thereby facilitating the physical activities of order pickers and optimizing warehouse efficiency.